Nat Brown performed this year in unison with the FLCCA at the following places and dates:

February 14, 2017, May 9, 2017, & May 10, 2017

Intrepid in both his work ethic toward community and service, Nat Brown brings a plethora of talents to the table with his gift of music. For me, whenever I have heard Nat Brown perform in the FLCCA’s outreach initiatives there is a undulated vibe that perpetuates the room filled with graceful ambient sounds. We at the Folsom Lake Community Concert Association are so lucky to consistently get musicians of this caliber working with us, and is also a testament to their undying abilities to preserve music of a Golden Era and then share that music to people that need and want it most.

Here we have a short biography of Nat Brown in his own words:

I started playing music when I was 14 years old and I learned to  play at Missouri School for the Blind.  I got started playing in your program after I met John at a wedding and he asked me if I would be interested in performing for the FLCCA , and I said yes.  I have so many songs that its hard to really select one.  Yes, my wife and I choose music that we like and that is easy to listen to .  We have played for students before but with the idea of encouraging them  to get involved with music and to make it a part  of their overall educational experience.  I talk about staying in school and disabilities.  I also encourage the kids to listen to their parents and teachers.  As for the seniors, the objective is to bring back old nostalgic memories of times gone by and to provide something that is relaxing and fun.  In my free time I love to listen to my audio books, listen to the old time stories on the radio and the news of the day.

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