Officers and Directors

FCA Board of Directors

The Folsom Concert Association is devoted to bringing concerts of the highest quality to the Sacramento Region and in addition to bringing music to students, college scholarships and music to seniors in assisted living.

Our board and committee act as one team to better serve the community of Folsom, CA, and the Greater Sacramento Area. Below you will find our current board information and duties. If you have any questions about joining the committee, or you would like to volunteer, please contact us anytime.

Executive Officers

  • President: Craig Burnett
  • Executive Vice President: Marc Dubin (Scholarships & Venue Manager)
  • VP Subscriptions & Membership: Sharon Burnett
  • Secretary: Bobbi Schmidt
  • Treasurer/CFO: Paul Schmidt (Donations Chairperson & Outreach Coordinator)

Left to right: Paul Schmidt, Bobbi Schmidt, Sharon Burnett, Craig Burnett, Marc Dubin


  • Sponsorship Assistant
    • Yvonne Gordon-Hendry
    • Patrice Gau Johnson
  • Lobby Manager
    • Dave Burnett
  • Historian
    • Mary Lee Dunn
  • Webmaster & Social Media Support
    • Kathy Cunningham
  • Social Media Support & Sponsorship Coordinator
    • Jessica Bowman
  • Big Day of Giving Chairperson
    • Mary Etta Hamzawi
  • Artist Selection Chairperson & Publicity
    • Dianne Burnett
  • Artist Hospitality
    • Ila Dubin

Emeritus Board Members:

  • Dick Merz
  • Steve Mykytyn
  • Doreen Mykytyn

Past Presidents:

  • Sandra Burvant: Jul 2006 – Jun 2011
  • Buder & Merz: Jul 2005 – June 2006
  • Mary Lee Dunn: Jan 2005 – Jun 2005
  • Denny Wiemers: Jul 2002 – Jan 2005
  • Bea Buder: Jul 1998 – Jun 2002
  • Richard Merz, Emeritus: May 1995 – Jun 1998

If you’d like to give back to your community, consider becoming a volunteer or a Board Member for the Folsom Concert Association. For further information, please send an email and give your name and phone number.

Thank You to Our Sponsors and Please Support Them!

Left to right: Mary Etta Hamzawi, Dianne Burnett, Dick Merz, Mary Lee Dunn, Dave Burnett, Yvonne Gordon, and Kathy Cunningham