Spreading the Love of Music

We do what no one else does!

One of our goals is to “foster, recognize and encourage an appreciation of music.”

The huge support of our subscribers, donors, and sponsors is proof that we have kept that pledge.

The outreach program brings musical artists to senior citizens who reside in residential assisted living communities, skilled nursing facilities, or memory care homes and who are unable to attend live concerts elsewhere. We also bring musicians to students at their schools. FCA incurs all of the costs of these concerts!

Our Outreach Program

We have expanded from 6 programs a year in 2011 to over 30 programs projected this year for seniors in residential living communities, senior centers, day care facilities, skilled nursing and seniors in Memory Care homes

  • Eight (8) programs to students at K-12 schools
  • Twenty-six (26) programs to seniors in residential, skilled nursing and memory care communities
  • Concerts at Folsom Senior Center and the El Dorado Hills Senior Center
  • A concert for 800 needy recipients at Powerhouse Ministries Holiday Meal program

In addition….

Written studies and the documentary film, “Alive”, provide evidence that music provides a sense of well-being and joy in the elderly and calms agitation in those diagnosed with dementia. Music also stimulates long term memory, especially if familiar music is provided. We wanted to incorporate this concept into our outreach program and we found a way to do this, by providing individual sound blocking headsets, programmed with the residents’ favorite songs.

A community effort was begun to provide these headsets to shut-in seniors with the following assistance from:

  • A $2,000 grant from the El Dorado Hills Endowment Fund
  • A donation from Plantronics Corp of headsets
  • Support from the El Dorado County Ombudsman Office
  • Assistance from the El Dorado County Commission on Aging;
  • Support from our subscribers/sponsors;
  • Technical support from the Oak Ridge High School, Sunshine for Senior Citizens Club, who have volunteered time to download music on individual headsets.

In the first nine months of 2018, we delivered 39 individually customized, pre-programmed headsets to residents and their staff who can provide “music on demand” when requested or needed!

You Can Help By Donating Now

Donations of any amount will help our outreach team however a $100+ donation will pay for entire outreach.

Send checks to FCA, PO Box 1457, Folsom, CA 95763. You may also drop off checks or cash at our table on show days.