Opportunity for our Future Musicians

2021 Folsom Concert Association Scholarship Program

The Folsom Concert Association plans to award Performing Arts Scholarships to university/college-bound high school seniors seeking a career path in the entertainment arts. This includes vocal or instrumental performance, theatre and or film acting, theatre/film/music production and/or business.

Scholarships will be awarded Spring 2021 and are applicable beginning in the Fall Semester of 2021. The scholarship award and money will be up to the amount of $5,000.



  • Accepted for enrollment at an accredited junior college, college or university in one of the following:
    • Music
      • Voice
      • Instrumental
    • Theatre
      • Acting
      • Theatre Tech (lighting, audio, set design, stage management, costuming)
      • Directing
    • Film/Television/Radio
      • Acting
      • Video Production and Editing
      • Directing
      • Sound Engineering, Recording and Reinforcement
    • Dance
  • Currently involved in high school/regional music (IE band, choir) or performing arts (i.e. dance, theatre), or video/film production
  • Current cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, which must be shown on an official transcript
  • *Must be a currently enrolled student at one of the following high schools:
    • Adelante High School (RJUHSD)
    • Antelope High School (RJUHSD)
    • Cordova High School (Rancho Cordova) (FCUSD)
    • El Dorado High School (Placerville) (EDUHSD)
    • Folsom High School (Folsom) (FCUSD)
    • Folsom Lake High School (Folsom) (FCUSD)
    • Granite Bay High School (Rocklin) (RJUHSD)
    • Independence High School (El Dorado) (EDUHSD)
    • Independence High School (RJUHSD)
    • Oak Ridge High School (El Dorado Hills) (EDUHSD)
    • Oakmont High School (RJUHSD)
    • Ponderosa High School (Shingle Springs) (EDUHSD)
    • Rocklin High School (RUSD)
    • Rocklin Independent Charter Academy (Rocklin)
    • Roseville High School (RJUHSD)
    • Union Mine High School (El Dorado) (EDUHSD)
    • Virtual Academy High School (El Dorado) (EDUHSD)
    • Vista del Lago High School (Folsom) (FCUSD)
    • Victory High School (Rocklin) (FCUSD)
    • Walnut Wood High School (Rancho Cordova) (FCUSD)
    • West Park High School (RJUHSD)
    • Whitney High School (Rocklin) (RUSD)
    • Woodcreek High School (RJUHSD)
    • *Or live within the school boundaries of the listed schools and go to a different WASC accredited high school.
  • Alternatively, a 12th-grade student living within the enrollment boundaries of the schools listed above must be enrolled in one of the following:
    • A WASC-accredited public or private school
    • A home school program affiliated with a WASC-accredited high school

Selection Criteria:

  • Scholarship Application
  • Extra-curricular school activities
  • Community Service
  • Awards and Honors
  • Essay Response
  • Demo or samples of your work in music or the visual or performing arts
    • Up to three 60-second clips on a CD, DVD, Blue-Ray, thumb drive or an email attachment or a link to a Google Drive or Dropbox file.
      • Two of the clips must be video clips
      • A third clip may be video or audio
      • YouTube is NOT ACCEPTABLE
    • The video and audio clips may be emailed to
  • Two Letters of Recommendation, which emphasize your involvement in the music/arts and “why” you should be selected for this scholarship
    • One of the Letters of Recommendation should be from an arts teacher, director, or arts professional
    • A second Letter of Recommendation from one of the above or from an employer or other teacher
    • Do not submit a Letter of Recommendation from a relative
  • High Definition Digital Head Shot (NOT A SELFIE) with a solid color background.
  • Send questions to


  • Scholarship application packets must be submitted or postdated no later than Thursday, March 4, 2021
  • Via email to
    • OR
  • Via USPS to:
    • FCA Scholarship
    • Folsom Concert Association
    • PO Box 1457
    • Folsom, California 95763-1457

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