Give back to the Community

Interested in a “continuing” support opportunity (at no cost to you)?

If you shop on Amazon, try AmazonSmile, where you can shop the same items at the same price, all while supporting charitable organizations, like FCA! We budget about $20,000 annually for our Outreach and Scholarship programs, but, unfortunately, we fall short many years. Let’s keep the music going with your help by simply shopping with AmazonSmile!

How It Works: Create a shopping account and choose our old acronym FLCCA as the beneficiary of a 1/2% give back to us. So, for every $100 you spend, we will receive 50 cents from Amazon as a charitable donation from them, not you.

Shop & Support Now!

Ways to Give

We appreciate the generous support you, our subscribers and donors, have given us. Your contributions enable the Folsom Concert Association to:

  • Keep our concerts the most affordable musical performances in the community.
  • Award $5,000 scholarship(s) to graduating high school seniors who are talented young local musicians who plan to pursue a musical education in a college or university.
  • Present musical outreach programs each season to students and seniors in residential living communities

Support in any amount will help

  • A $25 donation will pay for ¼ of an outreach
  • A $25 donation will purchase one headset for a senior
  • A $50 donation will pay for ½ an outreach
  • A $100+ donation will pay for an entire outreach

Checks may be mailed to:

Folsom Concert Association
PO Box 1457, Folsom, CA

You may also drop off checks or cash at our table on show days

More ways you can help

  • Below are some ideas for other ways in which you might contribute to the Folsom Concert Association:
  • Donate appreciated property (including stock) that you have held for over a year.
  • Include FCA in your estate planning.
  • Name FCA as a beneficiary of your Donor Advised Fund.

If any of these ideas appeal to you, please consult your tax accountant and/or attorney about how the ideas above would impact you.

Folsom Concert Association thanks you for your tax-deductible donation. Please check with your tax advisor as to deductibility. Folsom Concert Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization tax I.D. EIN 94-3224032.